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June 26, 2021​

Dear Ethan,

We are in the thick of our summer move! I’ve never had trouble leaving something behind before but now feels different. We are leaving the space where you lived over half your life, and a part of me is sad from the loss. Yet, we are getting ready for our next big adventure, and I am also so grateful for change and lots of loveliness ahead. 

This week, I’m mostly thinking in choppy pictures & relishing small joys–so I thought I’d share some. Have fun on a trip down memory lane! 

1. Remembering the second trip you took (the first was New Mexico!), when I was six months pregnant. We LOVED Big Bend so much & weren’t bougie enough for Marfa. Regardless, your dad and I had fun taking an obligatory photo at the Prada in the middle of the desert. I’d like to think we’ll go back and visit those dark skies again.

2. My cat is back! Enough said. 

3. Still dreaming of those Texas skies, back when I used to run rocket camps. 

4. Am I the only one here who thinks these books are the best? Love that you love them too. 

5. The light against this tote bag I bought from a student, which makes me so happy. 

6. We found a Habitat Resale store in Westfield–and of course, instead of buying power tools I came out with a Pochantas bead kit from 1995. You made me this awesome bracelet! 

That’s all I got for now. Painting a room in our new house soft pink, so we can feel like James in the Giant Peach. 


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