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  • on becoming

  • a photo diary

    July 24, 2021 Dear Ethan,  Today was a weird week. I was curious about what it would be like to document the world if I chose to see/seek joy the same ways you do, and the dreaminess of it all was stunning. I chose to be a say yes parent, and realized how much that…

  • on houston skies

    When I left Houston for good, I thought I’d take a little video of the loop Ethan and I would walk on when he was very young. The sky was usually beautiful above us, and this one was mediocre, but I even miss that one. It’s not the sky really. It’s the wide openness of…

  • consider the lobster

    July 12, 2021 Dear Ethan, Time has been weird and nebulous and I’ve been stuck thinking about how it takes an act of god to turn words into art, and that’s why I’m always on the hunt for the unexpected/divine/surreal. 

  • trip to boston

    July 4th, 2021  Dear Ethan,  We had quite a whirlwind weekend! On Wednesday, we had surprise family visitors who convinced me to take you to Boston on Thursday. When we got into town, it was cloudy and muggy, and we wandered through the Market to find something to eat (we all ate lobster rolls and…

  • seven things

    June 26, 2021​ Dear Ethan, We are in the thick of our summer move! I’ve never had trouble leaving something behind before but now feels different. We are leaving the space where you lived over half your life, and a part of me is sad from the loss. Yet, we are getting ready for our…

  • the things I love about you

    Hi everyone,  I missed my Sunday posting. Ethan and I were having a baby-mommy date, which involved a walk, an electric bike ride, rock collecting, and chasing butterflies in Village Hill. This was followed by a nap in the car outside of the mall, a pizza lunch, and finally, a trip to the arcade. Guess who got something out…

  • secret library

    Hi everybody, We are all sunburnt and drowsy from a long, perfect weekend in Cape May. Among activities enjoyed: peanut butter malted milkshakes from Milky Way, a boat ride where dolphins swam by angelically and smiled at us, lobster rolls, a birthday party with three desserts, balloons, a strawberry festival, and just the loveliness of…

  • mystery & magic

    Hi everyone,  This tiny letter is not so tiny so I won’t say much. Dug up this old picture:  The beautiful light from my old apartment in Pittsburgh. 

  • the most

    Hi everyone, The following letter really is tiny, I promise! I think I wrote it when I was hungry.