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  • Collage Poems

  • What Nature Called Her

    Today, before I checked my phone, email, or got dressed, I made a nest by piling pillows up to the corners of my bed, propped my laptop against a blanket on my legs. I opened up an old Word document and began to write, well—not write, but edit a story I’ve been stuck on for…

  • We Have Lived in the Castle

    What do I remember? The spine of a proud oak in my backyard next to a shrub with red berries. I’d dig for arrowheads in the dirt, old nails, pennies of a certain decade.  One Christmas we were told to play outside. We looked on in horror as my mom locked the door. My sisters…

  • On Palaces

    I spent last night writing a bad poem and the morning hours reading the Ice Palace from front to cover in bed under my electric blanket.  It was surprisingly heartbreaking—who would have thought I’d be so struck by a doomed love story between two eleven-year-old Scandinavian girls?