Past the Shore

She asked if my glands had undergone a desert mutation that inhibited my ability to sweat. I asked if her skin was thicker to keep her insulated from the Wisconsin snow. We laughed, loud and with our heads tilted back, the way we wouldn’t around men. She kept driving. The sun so round and fine it looked as if I could pluck it right out of the sky. Fruit vendors dotted the road, vine tomatoes spilling out of recycled crates. We pulled over and bought a bunch, popping the hot fruit in our mouth like candy.

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San Junipero

Something great that I watched recently: an episode of Black Mirror called San Junipero. It starts with a woman, Yorkie, painfully out of place and inhabiting this strange world, which is like ours…but not quite.

Yorkie enters a dance club, and meets a woman, Kelly, who is delightfully reminiscent of Lisa Tuttle from Saved by the Bell in the best way. Yorkie and Kelly have this cosmic connection. Right at the peak of her infatuation, Yorkie rejects Kelly’s advances. Her regret spills off the screen, and we’re left wondering her next move.

To make matters worse, it seems that Kelly only arrives at the dance club in intervals, and this is a much stranger place than I could have ever expected.

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